Loyalty- and savings program

Would you like to influence the buying behavior of your customers immediately and at the same time like to increase the loyalty of your customers?

The loyalty- or savings program of Profix provides an increase in customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, resulting in increased sales! Profix realizes functional solutions to source systems and (online) channels linking the marketing database so that an integrated customer image originates.

Thanks to our software Multi-channel marketing is effective and manageable!

loyalty program

Process of data collection

Effective Loyalty programs

Trough a Marketing Dashboard (CRM software) you can quickly and easily obtain insights into the buying behavior of your customers. The Marketing Dashboard of Profix is suitable for both small and large retailers, as well as associations of retailers. With our user-friendly software you can easily use the loyalty- or savings program to boost cross-and up-selling to customers.

The Dashboard offers the following functionalities:

  • 24/7 customerdata insight
  • The purchase behavior of customers is fully mapped
  • For each communication channel conversion at the customer level will be tracked so that the ROI is accurately calculated at customer level
  • Through the selection of customer groups (segments) based on sophisticated selection criteria communication can be highly targeted with the customer through the right channel with the right product range
  • Customer data can be analyzed through different perspectives to obtain insights based on purchasing behavior, benchmark and based on customer segments
  • It is possible to sent messages via the dashboard through Direct Mail, E-Mail, SMS, App
  • Campaign results are (real time) accurately mapped so that it is possible to anticipate to circumstance at any moment.

10 steps to loyalty